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Texarkana Gazette (December 2006)
'Chant returns to Texarkana venue tonight'
By Anthony Davis (Entertainment Writer  - Texarkana Gazette)

 "Chant is the type of musical group who leaves an impression on the listener.  When the three members of Dallas, Texas band Chant took the Fat Jack's stage last month, this trio left the audience impressed with their entertaining and versatile displays of musicianship. 
Fueled by the funky rock and blues guitarist Chant Duplantier with uber-bassist Jerry Smith and peripatetic** percussionist Cedric Goodman, these guys play a diverse set list of original songs and covers stamped identifiably Chant.
Duplantier, as the name would indicate, is originally from South Lousiana by way of Baton Rouge and now Dallas.  There he played with locally popular band 'Shame, Shame' for two years before testing his own limits as a musician.  After spending time writing and touring as a backup player, Smith, a member of Daddy's Chair, invited Duplantier to help out on some jazz gigs.  Smith and Duplantier clicked immediately, realizing they had a unique vibe.  Smith also came across Goodman while making the rounds in the Dallas blues and jazz scene, and the triumvirate was complete.
Smith began playing bass in church at age 12 and by 20 he was performing with Christian artist David Hill.  He formed Daddy's Chair in 1996.  When the band dissolved, members pursued education or other inspiration.  Finding Goodman resulted in an almost palpable chemistry.  The music is tight, chocked full of freelance and improvisational tangents by each capable instrumentalist.
On stage Chant develops a rapport with the audience setting the stage for the good time to follow.
Smith plucks, picks, loosens one or more of his six bass strings and either savages his instrument or coaxes sweet tones at his discretion.


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